I'm Colin. I'm 24 and live in St Louis. I'm in an improv troupe (The Creepy Basement Players) and I love improv-based comedy. This blog is basically all about my favorite things.

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OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO FOR JENNY LEWIS' JUST ONE OF THE GUYS, featuring Kristen Stewart, Brie Larson and Anne Hathaway.

Holy shit

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Beautiful night in a beautiful city

Beautiful night in a beautiful city

The National, Roskilde Festival 2013

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Road my big wheel right into the Best Buy, looked that Geek Squad dork right in the eye and said in a Dirty Harry voice “I’ll have a number nine.” Hapless nerd threw in an extra laptop and I peddled out onto the highway with all ten of them.

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I may be a boring white person but I find some comfort in the fact that at least I’m not boring white person enough to like Imagine Dragons

The To Do List (USA, 2013)

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